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GroYourBiz will have a direct impact on the growth of your business by offering:


  • Peer to peer business advisory initiative
  • Member specific program content in a confidential environment
  • Stimulated spirited discussions
  • Sharing of skills, expertise, and inspiration


  • Structured program with professional facilitation
  • Practical solutions to business challenges
  • Learning and implementation of success practices

Advisory Services

  • B2B cross-marketing for new clients and markets
  • An alliance of trusted advisors
  • An informal Board of Directors–MyBusinessMyBoard™ 

Strategic Alliances

  • OWIT– a global nonprofit organization promoting women doing business in international trade through networking and educational opportunities.
  • WBE Canada—a unique network that certifies women business enterprises and facilitates their access to corporate supply chains.

GroYourBiz e-Guide

You will also receive a new edition of the GroYourBiz e-Guide, in which the authors explore strategies to help build a sustainable and thriving small business. The 200-page guide contains robust information, exercises and analytics including an overview of strategic planning, market development, human resource development, technology straight talk, and financial management. This e-guide is a practical tool that every business owner needs in order to expand and develop in a competitive economy.

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