Kathy Grant

Chair | Kamloops, BC


Kathy Grant GroYourBiz Kamloops ChairKathy Grant, Founder of The Hub Impact, is an entrepreneur, mom and creative thinker, who has helped businesses with their vision, mission and a plan to elevate their business to the next level.  Kathy’s perspective comes from being an employee, solopreneur and employer as it relates to all facets of business ebb and flow, including creating strategic plans, setting goals and creating a cohesive, simple and effective plan for business growth.  Over the past decade Kathy has worked with companies from different industries including construction industry, medical profession, service providers and retail outlets to help them grow, develop, find their niche market as well as bring the community together. Kathy has been able to help many owners look at their business through a different lens and create unique positions to propel them towards growth and development.

Always on the go and an entrepreneur who constantly has business on the brain—Kathy loves to spend time watching her kids grow and develop into creative and caring human beings. In her spare time, you will find her at a sporting event watching her children learn to be excellent teammates or unplugged in nature enjoying a peaceful camping trip.