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Monthly Archives: September 2015

“Business Failure Confessions from the Masters” with Deborah Johnson

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Deborah Johnson is a six-time EMMY Award-winning writer and producer.  During her 2+ decades in the highly competitive world of commercial television, she fine-tuned her ability to break through the noisy clutter and influence an audience. We are SO excited … More »

Special Offer for Business Students and Young Entrepreneurs for EXCELerate 2015!

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EXCELerate 2015 is pleased to announce that we have been allocated minimal sponsored spaces by GroYourBiz Ltd. for business students and young entrepreneurs wishing to attend the break out “MEET THE EXPERT SESSIONS” during the EXCELerate Conference on October 1st … More »

Find Out What Makes You “Fascinating” at EXCELerate 2015

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Your personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower. Now, for the first time, you can measure exactly how your personality adds unique value. … More »

“Business Failure Confessions from the Masters” with Vanessa Shaw

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Overwhelmed?  Kiss it goodbye.  So says Vanessa Shaw who reveals how various dysfunctions may be keeping you from the income, success and clients you want.  She stresses the mindset you must embrace is to turn busy-ness into business and to create … More »

“Business Failure Confessions from the Masters” with Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker

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Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, CEO of DeeBee’s SpecialTea Foods, is more than just your average mom. As a medical scientist with a PhD from the University of Toronto, she spent years studying how the environment and the food we consume impact … More »