The best way to enjoy a conference is with a friend or colleague. If you have yet to register for EXCELerate 2015, now is the time to do so with a friend!

For the month of July, invite a non-member friend, customer, supplier, or any business associate from your network to both receive a 15% discount on full conference packages at EXCELerate 2015.

Still not sure? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend EXCELerate 2015 with a Friend:

1) Comfort. If you’re planning on flying to Vancouver or staying on your own, why not have a friend with you? Feel more at ease and excited to attend with the comfort and support of a friend.

2) Presenting Each Other. Present your work to others by introducing each other. Talk about what you do with someone who knows you and your business well. This will help break the ice to connect with new people during that first conversation. Make a friendly connection faster with a friend!

2) Collaboration. Collaborate and build your network together. There’s an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging that can happen for you both. Find ways to collaborate together with other like-minded individuals.

3) Inspiration. Have you had the chance to attend an event or conference with a friend or colleague before? You may find that new stories and strategies come up when you are both attending the same events. You and your friend will also pick up different ideas and experiences when you are attending workshops. Inspire each other beyond the conference sessions.

4) Regaining Focus. We all need to re-focus from time to time. In a setting where you and your friend can experience business growth and collaboration together, you will be able to support each other in regaining your business focus and growth.

5) Sharing. If you and your friend, colleague or business associate are representing for those who cannot attend, bringing something back to share will encourage you both to be present and engaged during the conference. Keep each other motivated and never miss a beat!

A conference can be just the inspiration you and your friend need. The passion speakers and other delegates have for their business will be something to keep you and your friend inspired the whole way through.

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We hope you join us in Vancouver and encourage you to register as soon as possible!