Catherine Gardiner, CG Marketing and Communications


As a results-driven Senior MarCom Advisor with 25 years of achievement, Catherine brings a broad cross-industry perspective and tactile delivery of new and disruptive products to her diversified project base. Experienced in multi-dimensional organizations with both B2B and B2C product streams, she focuses on strategic action, purposed growth measurable results.

For more than a decade, she has been immersed in the dynamic world of innovation, cutting-edge technologies and new-market applications, constantly challenged by a competitive landscape and ancillary tech advances. It’s an addictive world where social media breeds today’s thought leader and where UX (user experience) and price are in constant battle for purchase decision dominance.

Equally intriguing for her is championing varied, new business initiatives – a constant thread throughout her career. She has driven innovative and practical execution of end-to-end corporate strategy and marketing for ULP wireless, wearables, oil & gas, Professional services, agriculture, wellness, sport & fitness, and not-for-profits.

She offers great familiarity with multi-tiered stakeholders (internal and external) and a mixed customer base – all requiring targeted, bottom-line value and clear, demystified communications. In all scenarios, realities of product production often demand quick realignment of the overall commercial rollout, product positioning, sales channels, and customer engagement and retention.