Dawn Glyckherr, DM2 Consulting
Vancouver, British Columbia

E-mail: dawn@dm2consultinggroup.com

Dawn Glyckherr

Dawn is a dynamic and results driven Senior Business Strategist. She has extensive leadership experience in organizational diagnostics, review, and restructuring. She is a collaborative leader who operates with a high level of integrity and influence to support the achievement of overall business strategies including growth, mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.

She is known for her keen attention to detail and her noted commitment to accountability and respect for all people within all levels of businesses and organizations.

She is a creative problem solver and leader who believes in inclusion. Dawn is an excellent mentor with a compassionate yet fun and direct communication style. She is able to quickly move through situations to get to the heart of business and personal matters and in doing so arrive at accurate and easier to implement solutions.

Dawn had spent the span of her extensive career as President and CEO of two boutique consulting companies and as a Practice Leader for a national consulting firm in the field of organizations and people.