Sabrina Ding, Varity Law Pro. Corp.
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Yi Dan (Sabrina) Ding GroYourBiz

Sabrina is the Owner and Principal Lawyer at Varity Law. “Varity” is a coined word from “Verity”, and Sabrina chose this name because she takes pride in offering honest, authentic, and professional legal services. She prefers not to cut corners. Varity Law provides services in Real Estate/Mortgage Law, Business Law, Wills/Estates Law, and Immigration Law. Varity Law has been transforming how legal services are provided by following the 3 core values below, and have received countless positive client feedback.
1. Understand the clients’ specific situation and offer tailored legal service & advice
2. Provide free legal education so we can work as a team with clients – we tend to refrain from one-sided conversations where clients walk away with minimal understanding about what went on in the law office
3. As much as possible, offer flexible fee structures so legal expenses are predictable and affordable.