In celebrating our 10TH Anniversary, we are pleased to announce that our GroYourBiz Virtual Awards will be held on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at the Finale of EXCELerate2021: GroYourBiz Global Virtual Summit Series!

Congratulations to the Finalists!

GroYourBiz Global Growth Award

  • Lara Autio
  • Eveline Van Sandick
  • Zuly Matallana
GroYourBiz Global Growth Award Finalists

GroYourBiz Outstanding Chair Award

  • Crystal D’Cunha
  • Vania Sakelaris
  • Angelika Vance
GroYourBiz Outstanding Chair Award Finalists

GroYourBiz Sustainable Business Award

  • Debbie VanGrieken
  • Zehra Moledina
  • Liz Bandelin
GroYourBiz Sustainable Business Award Finalists

GroYourBiz Ambassador Award

  • Tasneem Virani
  • Sylvie Peltier
  • Chala Dincoy
GroYourBiz Ambassador Award Finalists

GroYourBiz Longstanding Member Award

  • Joanne Richardson
  • Lynn Williams
Longstanding GroYourBiz Member Award Finalists

GroYourBiz Special Awards to be Announced at the Finale:

  • The President’s Special Award
  • Exceptional Trainer/Educator Award
  • GroYourBiz Choice for Outstanding Citizen Award

We look forward to you joining us at #EXCELerate2021 on May 26th to honour and celebrate our Winners!

JOIN US AT #EXCELerate2021

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Are you Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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