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Master Your Disaster by Leann Hackman-Carty

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Master Your Disaster Book Cover Leann Hackman CartyWe are delighted to have Leann Hackman-Carty on the GroYourBiz team. Her work in emergency preparedness was featured on The Everyday Millionaire this month. You can listen to the podcast HERE! For more information, check out Master Your Disaster by Leann Hackman-Carty

“When you think about it, this [emergency preparedness] truly is about saving lives, saving livelihoods and saving quality of life in the community.” – Leann Hackman-Carty







Remembering Michelle — “The cycle of life and the meaningful connections we make”

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Family, Michelle Pokey Leadership Award, Barbara Mowat, GroYourBiz,

Pockey family 2015, and in 2019 w/Martha Manuel, winner of MP Leadership Award, Carolyn Cross & Barbara Mowat with JWR

What does BIV IWIB2019 have in common with “The National Retreat for Women”? The retreat, initiated in the 90s by the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, provides an occasion for women leaders from a cross-section of fields to meet in an informal, non-partisan setting to explore and share common concerns & experiences – and to hear inspiring speakers.

In April 2015, the late Michelle Pockey, and Carolyn Cross (GYB Executive Board) attended and heard for the first time Jody Wilson Raybould, as well as women leaders from different parties: NDP, Liberal and Conservative. Discussions always cover diverse subjects, including truth and honesty, resilience, self-determination & communications from a national/global perspective.

While JWR was not a Minister then, I was so moved by what she had to say, as were Michelle and Carolyn that we wanted to continue to speak with her. We concluded that we wanted her to sit on a panel for the GYB EXCELerate Conference to be held Sept. 2015.  Without hesitation, she said yes! More »

Planning for Growth: Avoid the Growth Gap

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Some measure of growth for a business is inevitable.

Sales are naturally going to increase as your business develops.

Business Growth Gap GroYourBiz

However, if you are not careful you can be caught in a growth gap. This is when the increase in sales overwhelms other aspects of your business.

Not all areas of a business grow at the same rate and sometimes are not able to respond to fast enough to reflect changes in other areas of the business.

For example,if you are getting $1,200 in orders a day but operations can only produce $900 of goods or services, you have a growth gap. In order to adapt to such a situation, More »

Planning for Growth: Is Growth Necessary?

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Does every business have to grow to survive?

There are two different answers to this question.

Growth — when it means expansion — is not necessary for every business; indeed, it may bring the downfall of the business, especially if the growth is mismanaged. But, growth — when it means adaption or rejuvenation — is certainly essential for the ongoing health of any small business today.  More »

Planning for Growth: Examine your Motivation

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People measure business success in different ways. For some, it’s a healthy bank balance, for others it’s a full order book. Some people view a clean desk — the absence of unsolved problems — as a clear sign things are going well; others thrive on generating new ideas, tracking down leads and making new deals.

For some, success seems a never-ending roller-coaster ride where one issue solved is quickly replaced by another just as gut-wrenching. For others, success seems elusive — if only they had more money, more capable staff, more reliable suppliers, and more loyal customers.

You need to look at success as More »