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This is an OWIT Webinar.

To achieve our mission of staying connected with our members (and non-members) during this challenging period, we are continuing our series of virtual events with an exciting webinar on April 8th – A WAKE UP CALL FROM TODAY’S PANDEMIC!

There is no way around it, we’re living through scary times. Uncertainty, constant change and unprecedented challenges are generating panic across the world. It is easy to get caught up in the mayhem, easy and completely understandable. However, what if we were to all, collectively, take a step back and look at the circumstances not from a victim’s perspective, but as someone eager to understand why all of this is happening? Perhaps, there is positivity to be found within the chaos?

Science and practice show that in order to combat a virus, we need to boost our immune systems and our mental health. Perhaps today’s Coronavirus is giving us an opportunity to focus on our health and give our immune systems the attention they deserve!

Perhaps it is a Wake Up Call, calling to us to realize the actual state of our collective health. In today’s fight for our wellbeing there are, globally speaking, two strategies:

  • Short term strategy: immediate steps to support our bodies and minds throughout the period of pandemic
  • Longer term strategy: lasting changes that will support us for a future and equip us against viruses and infections to come.

Join us to take part in a discussion about which practical options we have to gain a healthy immune system. Nutritional therapy, energy therapy, emotional and biochemical balances, tune in to discover which approach could work for you. During this discussion we will:

  • address the question of immunity from a variety of different angles
  • introduce to you two tests that can help you assess your immune system
  • equip you with handy and easy to use tools in order to strengthen your immune system right away.


  • Irina Schurov, PHD, a Nutritional Neuroscientist with over 20 years’ experience in science and health providing services, founder of LiveRight, an initiative to help others through nutrition and wellbeing strategies, personalised coaching in nutrition, with the goal to achieve the optimal balance in life. She especially focuses on neurological conditions and mental disorders by addressing the connection between the gut and brain by detoxifying, nourishing and resetting the entire body’s biochemical balance. Irina offers an individual DNA nourishing programme and personalised nutritional support in order to achieve long-lasting positive changes.
  • Masha Muzyrya, founder of Mashala, a Holistic coach and Energy therapist who accompanies individuals in their search for their true path and the ability to let their talents shine. As a holistic coach, Masha helps individuals discover the resources to solve difficult life situations and find emotional stability and harmony from within, using teachings based on the “Rebirthing” breathing technique, QI-gong and an evolutional symbiotic practice “Svarga”.