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GroYourBiz Virtual Advisory Board – International Trade (EU/UK) FAQ

GroYourBiz Virtual Advisory Board – International Trade (EU/UK)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is CETA?

A. Described by Sanjeev Chowdhury, Director of the Free Trade Agreement Promotion Task Force of Global Affairs Canada, “CETA is a progressive free trade agreement that covers virtually all sectors and aspects of Canada-EU trade in order to eliminate or reduce barriers. Prior to CETA, only 25 percent of EU tariff lines on Canadian goods were duty-free, but when CETA is provisionally applied (Sept 21/17), 98% of Canada’s exports to the EU will be completely duty free. CETA will increase Canadian-EU trade by $8 billion a year. Kudos (to GroYourBiz) for paving the way for women entrepreneurs to take advantage of this new trade agreement.”

Q. Who should join the virtual advisory board?

A. The ideal Canadian member will be an experienced business owner/leader with export knowledge; already sells or have plans to sell into the EU/UK markets. The EU/UK members will already sell or have plans to sell into the Canadian marketplace.

Q. What are the criteria for membership?

A. Members must be in non-competing businesses; be willing to openly share their knowledge and expertise to assist fellow members; commit to attend regularly meetings; have a growth plan in place to take their business to the next level; and have a positive outlook.

Q. How many members can participate?

A. The advisory board is initially seeking 6-8 members from Canada plus 6-8 members from EU/UK countries. The maximum total number is 20, ideally balanced equally with Canadian and EU/UK members.

Q. How frequent are the meetings?

A. Monthly online meetings are 3-hours in duration. Members are expected to attend every meeting; however there may be a time when missing is unavoidable. Since the meetings are online, members can attend from wherever they are in the world! A mutually acceptable regular time/day will be established taking time zones into consideration.

Q. Who is the facilitator for the meetings?

A. Betty Wood is pleased to have been selected as the facilitator (Chair) for this Board. Her role is to organize the meeting agendas, manage logistics, lead the process/discussions, and provide support to the members, e.g. bring information, expert speakers.

Q. What are your privacy conditions?

A. Confidentiality is mandatory! Every participant must sign a confidentiality agreement before being admitted to meetings. The agreement has no end date.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The standard price is CDN$2,000 (if paid quarterly, $500 per quarter); $1950 if paid in advance. The introductory price is CDN$1,500 when paid in advance (by March 31, 2018). Payments can be paid online: Click here.

Q. When will it start?

A. The initial meeting is set for Mar 28, 2018. This is a level setting meeting to introduce the workings of the board, meet the members and Trusted Advisors, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Q. What’s in it for me?

A. Andrea Ewart, International President of OWIT puts it best when she stresses the advantages of supportive networks: “Many of the women we work with find that building a global enterprise is very difficult to achieve. Guided by an expert facilitator, peer advisory boards are especially suitable for businesses wanting to move to the next level. This virtual advisory board will focus on ways that… women entrepreneurs in Canada and the EU can package, present and pitch to take advantage of the export opportunities created by the CETA.” Mairead Lavery, Senior Vice-President of Business Development at Export Development Canada, agrees: “I commend this initiative for helping to support women in business to become more successful exporters. This is great for our economy.”

Q. How can I get additional information?

A. For additional information on GroYourBiz, please visit; on the Virtual Advisory Board,;

Q. How do I apply?

A. The application is online

Q. Who are the Global Trusted Advisors?

A. For information and bios on the Key Global Trusted Advisors and bios click here.

Betty Wood Chair, Virtual Advisory Board – International Trade (EU/UK) and Director, Strategic Initiatives, GroYourBiz Ltd. E: | Tel: 1.289-242-8266


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