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Keeping Relevant

To remain successful during these tough times as well as thrive in the future, small businesses will need to effectively handle ongoing challenges and changes that are driving the new global economy.

As an integral part of the peer groups and on-going learning for businesses, GroYourBiz will offer practical resources, business tips, webinars, selected business readings, and much more from top experts and business analysts.

“GroYourBiz” EGuide

“You’ve already built a business. It has survived, perhaps even thrived, but you’re now wondering what to do next? Should you expand your operations? Branch out into new products, new customers, or new locations? Should you take on more responsibilities, hire additional staff and increase your investment? Or should you draw down some equity and stay put? Perhaps now is not the time to grow. Perhaps now is the time to sell! Now is certainly the time to plan.”
–    excerpt from “GroYourBiz”, by Barbara Mowat and Ted James

“GroYourBiz” is a business and training EGuide written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is intended for existing small business owners who want to learn how to expand their business while minimizing their risk.

Most small businesses, due mainly to their size, suffer from constraints that lower their resistance to risk and prevent them from developing effective administration.  Previous research has found these challenges to be particularly significant in the following six areas:

  • Strategic planningGro Your Biz EGuide
  • Competitive positioning
  • Market development
  • Technological advancement
  • Human resource leadership
  • Financial management

In fact, small businesses that adopt a deliberate approach to addressing each of these challenges are most likely to prosper and grow, which is more important now than ever before.  The “GroYourBiz” EGuide can be used independently or accompanied with a training program that shows how to do so by developing a strategic approach for successful growth.

Cost: $14.95 CDN

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