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Roberta Snider

Personal Edge Training

( Member, Kitchener-Waterloo MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

Donna Vocaturo Cohen

Business Office Suites LLC & DoctorCare PLLC

( Member, Phoenix MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

Dana LeComte

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

( Member, Victoria MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

Jaeny Baik

Jaeny Baik Media

( Member, Vancouver MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

Tracy Dueck

Tracy Cakes

( Member, Abbotsford MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

Lynn Williams

The Lifestyle Protector

( Member, Vancouver MyBusinessMyBoard™ )

“I am very pleased with GroYourBiz. I am learning so much and the reading list is fun for me to get some extra insight into business.”

Ruth Gates, Atomy Gates Health & Wellness Executive (GroYourBiz Member, Ottawa)

“GroYourBiz has helped me to focus my business to move forward.  It has given me that extra push I needed when warranted.  I have tried other groups and never felt I could share with complete confidentiality.  I get support and answers to my questions and answers to questions I didn’t know I had.  I feel a part of something where I am valued.  It is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time.  I look forward to the future. ”

Megan Ferris, Owner, Dog Utopia Daycare & Spa, (GroYourBiz Member, Surrey)

“Business is booming, and as a result of all the ground work I did with GroYourBiz last year, it’s lead to my busiest January ever.  My income has increased dramatically, and my networking has lead to three planned upcoming talks, a teaching engagement, and a new Board position.  GroYourBiz has also positively influenced my personal life, and helped me focus my energies on being the best I can be. ”
Susan Lahey, President, Eastern Art Consultants, Inc. (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto)

My 8 months with GYB has been timely and valuable.  Building relationships with other business women, having a safe forum to share concerns and receive valuable suggestions or hearing other’s issues and being challenged to offer wisdom from one’s own knowledge and experience – it has been time well spent.  As a small business owner, it has encouraged me to stay on track with my own goals and vision, by the monthly exchange of ideas, accountability and motivation.  I would highly recommend it!”
Janie Anderson, owner Pistachio Boutique Inc. (GroYourBiz Member, Abbotsford)

 “I have joined the GroYourBiz Linked In Group and look forward to being an active part of GroYourBiz. It is a wonderful supportive environment and provides the focus on acceleration we all need to take our businesses to the next level. Thank-you!”
Sonja Salmon, Owner, Ebby Rane, (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto),

 “Barbara Mowat is an exceptional person to have as a Facilitator.  She is able to Chair a meeting with a sureness that comes from years of practice in her own business and various Boards together with a sound Educational background and the most amazing energy.  Barbara can read a room and a situation quickly to make sure everyone gets the maximum experience.”
Leslie Meingast, President and CEO, The Personnel Department®, Vancouver

“Our firm has benefitted enormously from a number of value added services of Impact Communications Ltd. We found the input insightful, relevant, well presented and immediately effective, adding to group buy-in, support and performance.”
Carolyn Cross, Chairman & CEO, Ondine Biomedical Inc., Vancouver 

 “After a couple of meetings I realized – I love these women – I love who they are and what they do – I love the huge effort with great results that Barbara puts into the preparation for each meeting. I have already learned so much and know you will benefit from GroYourBiz with Barbara as the leader.”
Laura Hansen, President, Image Group Inc., Vancouver

“I am not a joiner of many things; always too busy, but my membership in GroYourBiz has been a real bonus, both personally and professionally.  I receive great value from my group.”
Brenda Wagner, Owner, Instant Imprints, (GroYourBiz Member, Surrey)

“Since I have been a member in WPO, my anticipation of upcoming meetings has gone from keen to eager to wildly excited. Each month I learn more, enjoy the fellowship more and take away brilliance from each of my WPO peer mentors. Barbara Mowat has crafted a finely tuned coalition of high performing women who are also generous in spirit, sharing their wisdom and experience. I am honoured to be among them.  Barbara’s vision for GroYourBiz will offer the same experience.”
Margaret Ramsdale, President, Omega Uniform Systems, Vancouver

“Barbara Mowat exceeded my expectations in the role of a facilitator, skillfully directing our group to focus on  learning  and growing professionally, with the intention of each one of us  achieving the  goals we had set for our businesses. It has also been an extremely delightful association.”
Marla Kott, CEO, Imprint Plus, Vancouver

“Barbara is a very caring and supportive leader who draws upon vast professional (teacher, consultant for business management and trade development, entrepreneur), as well as personal (single mother of three children) experiences in her role as our  facilitator. Her genuine passion for assisting and cultivating fellow businesswomen is a source of inspiration for myself and I know many others as well. She is truly our ‘mother goose’!”
Eva Sun, CEO/President, Libra National Inc., Vancouver

“I personally feel so fortunate to have had Barbara Mowat as a facilitator. She is an incredible leader and cheerleader. First and foremost Barbara promotes an environment where participants can feel very safe to share even the most difficult situations. She tackles controversy with diplomacy, direct communication and caring. Barbara is there for you when the chips are down. Meetings are kept on schedule and on topic. Barbara has a wide range of business contacts and does not hesitate to make introductions as appropriate. Most importantly, Barbara’s personal experience as a small business owner gives her credibility as a mentor of small business owners.”
Carolyn Hay, President, Hay & Company Enterprises, Vancouver

“My first contact with Barbara Mowat was as a facilitator at our monthly meetings where her skills ensure that everyone receives full value for the time invested there.  She has an excellent grasp of business and what it takes to succeed, she has taken the time to learn about each member’s organization and she understands the challenges we face.  Barbara is educated and professional, warm and respectful, and one of the most genuine people I know.  I feel privileged to know her professionally and personally.”
Diane Dupuis, President, Dupuis Langen Financial Management (1985) Ltd., Vancouver

“Barbara is passionate about helping others to succeed, and I am one of the lucky recipients.  She has helped me in countless ways to grow my career and my company. Bravo Barbara!”
Rita Cheng, President, Superior Tofu Ltd., Vancouver

“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I attended the Professional Women’s Network session – as a recent student, I have been to many, many talks. However, not so many are memorable – but you really touch people and certainly have a special gift. Thank you for sharing it.”
Leah Plumridge, Judicial Law Clerk, Supreme Court of British Columbia

“Barbara, the work you do is just so inspiring! You are truly an amazing woman! Thank you for sharing your world – it’s an inspiration for my next blog post and I’ll be sure to send it your way.”
Sharon Tong, Conductor, Permanent & Contract Talent, McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group

“Thank you GroYourBiz members for your support on my business challenge. Through your questions, comments and suggestions I was able to gain a new perspective.  Your experience, expertise and insight has helped me to clarify next steps in terms of developing a training team.”
Lynn Robinson, The Robinson Group Training & Consulting Corp. (GroYourBiz, Member, Burnaby)

“I am inspired, impressed and honoured to spend time with the courageous women in this group. It is truly refreshing for me coming from large corporate companies, to spend time with women, young and older who are honest and humble about their challenges in starting and growing businesses and yet who keep moving forward against great odds. I feel privileged to share in any way from my past experience to help anyone move forward. I have certainly a new lease on my own work and am re-energized. However, I am benefiting more than contributing as I find I am approaching my own work with a new focus, fresh new ideas, strength and a new enthusiasm. The energy in the group is contagious! This is the first group I have ever joined where I feel at home, comfortable and I look forward to each meeting. I have never before enjoyed the company of all women. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this group.”
Suzanne Stoeckle, Saffron Marketing (GroYourBiz, Burnaby)

“Just want to say thank you to you all for my business challenge session.  I did receive some valuable info,  insights, and good ideas. It’s so important to receive information like this from a totally honest point of view of trusted people. (Even though I sometimes might have had a “deer in headlights” look on my face).”
Linda Zaurrini, Director/Owner, LaVigne Organic Skincare (GroYourBiz, Burnaby)

“Several of my staff have mentioned that they admire me for belonging to a business group that is helping me to develop and grow as the company does.  They also like that I have my own ‘go to’ people for back up when they are asking big questions that obviously put me under pressure to make crucial decisions.  I think this shows good leadership and sets an example for them to work hard on themselves to improve.  I am not asking them to be better at their jobs without taking my own personal responsibility to be a better owner and manager.”
Cheryl Dawn Smith, President, dba Horty Girl, (GroYourBiz, Burnaby)

“As a professional interior designer operating as a sole proprietor I never really thought of myself as a business owner. Growth was never part of my mindset. When I first heard of GroYourBiz I was hesitant. I did not believe that I was a candidate for owning a company that could actually grow and flourish. In a bit of a business standstill, I decided to try it out for 1 year. What a brilliant move! I learned very quickly how wonderfully supportive GroYourBiz members are. I love connecting with these like-minded dynamic women on a monthly basis. The best part is that even though it’s only been 9 months I am already enjoying tangible results.   My income has increased dramatically and because the projects are coming in faster than I can produce my business has expanded to include associate designers. It’s a great feeling!
Linda Makins, MAKINSAHCANGE Creative Environments Inc., (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto)

“Previous to joining GroYourBiz, I found it impossible to find a networking group where (growth oriented) six figure business owners were getting together and helping each other. Partly as a result of the relationships, strategies and advice I got from my group, I tripled my business in one year. The ability to connect on a regular basis with consistent access to a professional space and advice about anything to do with money has made all the difference to my biz!”
Chala Dincoy-Flajnik, Coachtactics, (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto) 

“I purchased a franchise in March of 2012 and was having a tough time growing my business at the pace that I had originally planned.  In May 2013, GroYourBiz was recommended to me by a colleague. I liked the strategic growth orientation of the group and I have not been disappointed with the results.  Partly as a result of the relationships, strategies and advice I have gotten from this group, I was able to purchase a second territory enabling me to grow my business to twice it’s original size.  The ability to connect on a regular basis with consistent access to a professional space and advice has made all the difference to my business!”
 Lisa Lloyd, Budget Blinds | BB Commercial Solutions, (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto)

“The opportunity to join GroYourBiz came at a time when I was working through challenges brought on by the rapidly changing business climate.  As a seasoned business owner, I needed new strategies and the support of knowledgable and experienced women business owners to reassess my business model and transform my business. Different from the myriad of typical networking groups, the GroYourBiz model with high standards for professionalism, peer commitment, and strong facilitators continues to support me personally and professionally as I realign my business for manageable and sustainable growth”
Patricia Muir, PCC, Maestro Quality Inc., (GroYourBiz Member, Toronto)

“For many years I provided creative design services in the AV industry, but when I went out on my own I was eluded by business operations and learning to deal with a new kind of work/life balance. There are endless on-line references and groups to help, but I needed somewhere to go where I could really dig deep and focus into the heart of my company to help it succeed. GroYourbiz is like having your own board of directors. It’s a safe place to really talk in detail about challenges and ideas that perhaps your business partner, spouse or family wouldn’t understand. It’s a group that will listen and advise, no matter how serious or insignificant the issue may seem.
I have to mention too, that I’ve met the most amazing women through GYB who are thoughtful, trustworthy and appreciative of my work experience and perspective. I have formed several close friendships, which is an important piece of the mix for all business women. GroYourBiz is not only inspirational, it’s roll up your sleeves and be accountable for actions that will GROW YOUR BUSINESS.”
Marjorie Neilson, Radically Creative, GroYourBiz Member, Toronto

“I have been participating in GroYourBiz for over a year and have found it to be a motivating, educational and challenging experience. GroYourBiz keeps me from falling into the trap of only working IN my business without taking time to work ON my business. BMO has been instrumental in their support by providing the physical space necessary to develop a cohesive business Advisory Board. They have also offered our membership opportunities to network within our local business community and exposure to experts in the entrepreneurial and financial sectors. I’m impressed by the commitment they have demonstrated to women entrepreneurs in our city.”
Peg Bradshaw, The Office Organizers, Inc. GroYourbBiz Member, Toronto

“I came to GroYourBiz as a way to expand my company and have been a cheerleader for what Barbara Mowat accomplishes through GroYourBiz by impacting our companies with her wisdom, leadership, intelligence and her ability to dig deep and ask hard questions that need real answers! The monthly discussions with business women who are struggling with the same issues is essential to our growth as women entrepreneurs and each little success is shared and applauded within our group! I cannot begin to place a value on what I have learned and I look forward to continuing to “Gro my Biz” with each businesswoman and Barbara Mowat as the leader!”
Tracy Dueck,  Owner, Tracycakes Bakery Café, (GroYourBiz Member, Abbotsford)