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What is GroYourBiz

GroYourBiz™ “will fundamentally change the way you do business”. It is proven that peers learn best from each other.



GroYourBiz™ is an initiative that brings a tactical and proven approach to meeting the needs of women business owners of all ages. GroYourBiz will provide a monthly “Board” meeting of 15 to 20 women per group, top experts, business analysts, and presenters, a ‘practical approach’ training guide, and involvement of an alliance of top private sector organizations (BMO, Bank of Montreal and TELUS), working together to foster and support small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

GroYourBiz™ also provides a strategic alliances with OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) and WBE (Womens Business Enterprises) Canada.

OWIT ( is a global NFP promoting women doing business in international trade through networking and educational opportunities.

WBE Canada ( is a unique network that certifies women business enterprises as diverse suppliers. They offer training and access to corporate supply chains to facilitate business growth.

GroYourBiz™  was developed for women entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the next level.  Each month entrepreneurs will draw upon the skills, expertise, inspiration and energy of like-minded entrepreneurs offering practical solutions to attracting tomorrow’s customers and expansion needs.

GroYourBiz Vision

GroYourBiz has a direct impact on the economic growth and empowerment of millions around the world by enabling and developing small and medium size businesses.

GroYourBiz™ Core Values

  • We Champion and Connect
  • We Act with Generosity of Spirit
  • We Initiate Opportunity and Collaboration
  • We  Cultivate Environments for Sharing and Learning
  • We Leverage Collective Wisdom to Help Ourselves and Others
  • We Inspire Wealth Creation for Families, for Communities and around the World.
  • We Have a Passion for Growth—IT’S WHAT WE DO!  

Business Topics

Learn. Grow. Be Inspired.

GroYourBiz™ will present top experts from the business community to provide timely presentations on relevant business topics, selected by the members of each MyBusinessMyBoard™ advisory group.

GroYourBiz™ speakers will provide inspiration, new perspectives, as well as practical solutions that bring tactical and proven approaches to attracting tomorrow’s customers and expansion needs in today’s economy.

Presentations will be customized to the needs of each MyBusinessMyBoard™  group, with some key topics that include:

  • Planning & Positioning for Growth
  • Dynamics of Financial Growth
  • Marketing for Business Growth
  • What is the “Growth Trap” and how do I avoid it?
  • Managing Human Resources Successfully
  • Problems, Pitfalls and Generally Things to Avoid
  • The Relevance of Social Media for today’s Businesses
  • How to Build Your Business with an Exit Strategy in Mind
  • Understanding Your Own Leadership Style
  • etc.

Our commitment to you is for the presentations to be:

Practical. Strategic. Applicable.