Fellowship Application

Emerging women entrepreneurs who wish to be considered for a GroYourBiz Fellowship will be selected based on who best meets the Membership Requirements* as assessed by judges drawn from the business community and GroYourBiz Trusted Advisors.

*GroYourBiz Membership Requirements:

  1. Women business owners will be interviewed by the Advisory Board Chair on their readiness of commitment to grow their business and to have been in business for at least one year or have proven business/personal expertise.
  2. Women business owners will be bound by the ground rules of confidentiality, commitment to attend meetings, as well as open communication at the meetings once they are selected for the Advisory Board.
  3. All members within each Advisory Board must be in non-competitive businesses to contribute to the diversity of experience and knowledge and the confidential and trusting environment of the Advisory Board.
  4. Members who want to continue with being on a GroYourBiz Advisory Board must commit to a one year term of membership and payment of dues after one year of complimentary membership.

Please complete the following:

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         1. Do you meet the Membership Criteria?

              a) Are you a woman business owner who is ready and committed to take your business to the next level?

              b) Do you have senior responsibilities for the day to day running of your business?

              c) Can you set aside 3 hours/month to focus on your business with the support of other committed members?

    If you answered YES to these 3 questions, please answer the next 2 questions:

         2. Provide an overview of your business, your vision for the future, and the business
             growth you are striving for:


         3. Identify the top 2-3 business issues/challenges you are currently struggling with
             and how a GroYourBiz™ Advisory Board membership could help:


         4. What Advisory Board location are you applying for? Check here for all board locations.


    [Note: Current GroYourBiz members are NOT eligible to apply]

    Need Assistance, contact: info@GroYourBiz.com