Our Team

Barbara Mowat, Founder and President

President, GroYourBiz Ltd. & Impact Communications Ltd. 

www.GroYourBiz.com | www.ImpactCommunicationsLtd.com

Barbara is a trade and international business development specialist, who has helped tens of thousands of businesses over the past 30 years. She is sought after by private companies, organizations, and governments around the world for her expertise and passionate support of fostering entrepreneurship, business development and growth, and creating win-wins through her extensive network.

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Executive Advisors

Managing Directors

Global Advisors

Expert Board Chairs

Support Staff

Executive Trusted Advisors

Laura Reinholz, Director, BMO for Women GroYourBiz

Laura Reinholz

Director, BMO for Women

Joanne Gassman, Former Senior Vice President, BMO Financial Group, Women’s Market GroYourBiz

Joanne Gassman

Former Sr. VP, BMO
Financial Group, Women’s Market

Global Executive Advisor, Salesforce GroYourBiz

Julie Hansen

Global Executive Advisor, Salesforce

Lorelle Gilpin, Former Vice President, Marketing and Membership, Costco Wholesale Canada GroYourBiz

Lorelle Gilpin

Former Vice President, Marketing/Membership,
Costco Wholesale Canada

Eva Sun The Rice People GroYourBiz

Eva Sun

President and CEO,
The Rice People

Marla Kott GroYourBiz Executive Advisor

Marla Kott

Chartered Accountant and Former CEO, Imprint Plus

Carolyn Cross GroYourBiz Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Carolyn Cross

Chair and CEO,
Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Angelika Vance GroYourBiz Surrey White Rock Chair

Angelika Vance

Director, Corporate Development,
Ondine Biomedical Inc.

Betty Wood GroYourBiz Executive Advisor

Betty Wood

Former Director, Women Business Enterprise Canada

Brittany Manulak GroYourBiz Concept Plumbing & Gas

Brittany Manulak

Co-Principal, Concept Plumbing and Gas Ltd.

Teri Cavanagh GroYourBiz Executive Trusted Advisor

Teri Cavanagh

Former CEO, Global Banking Alliance for Women

Managing Directors

Leann Hackman-Carty

Alberta, Canada

Marg Hachey GroYourBiz Chair and Managing Director

Marg Hachey

Ontario & Eastern Canada

Maryann Nelson

Washington, USA

Global Trusted Advisors

Angela Hoffman President World Strategies GroYourBiz

Angela Marshall Hoffman

President, World Strategies, LLC

Amanda Ellis GroYourBiz Sustainable Development

Amanda Ellis

Executive Director Hawaii & Asia Pacific, ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Madeleine Baker GroYourBiz

Madeleine Baker

Director, Technology Strategy, Procurement & Supply Chain, TELUS

Teresa Guillen Zulueta GroYourBiz

Teresa Guillen Zulueta

Founder, Mujer Exportadora

Expert Board Chairs

British Columbia

Angelika Vance GroYourBiz Surrey White Rock Chair

Angelika Vance

Surrey / White Rock

Barbara Mowat

Vancouver and Victoria

Kathy Grant GroYourBiz Kamloops Chair

Kathy Grant


Patricia Ross GroYourBiz Abbotsford Chair

Patricia Ross

Abbotsford (Fraser Valley)

Patsy Bourassa GroYourBiz

Patsy Bourassa
(on leave)


Ted James GroYourBiz Burnaby Chair

Ted James



Catherine Gardiner GroYourBiz Calgary Chair

Catherine Gardiner


Deidre Hackman GroYourBiz Edmonton Chair

Deidre Hackman


Holly Sorgen GroYourBiz Grande Prairie Chair

Holly Sorgen

Grande Prairie

Leann Hackman-Carty

Virtual 2


Ann Bradt

Toronto 4

Brenda Halloran GroYourBiz Waterloo Kitchener Chair

Brenda Holloran

Kitchener / Waterloo

Crystal D'Cunha GroYourBiz Niagara Falls Chair

Crystal D’Cunha

Niagara Falls

Marg Hachey GroYourBiz Chair and Managing Director

Marg Hachey

Aurora (TO1), Mississauga (TO2), Virtual 1, Virtual EXCELerator

Sharon Gilmour-Glover GroYourBiz

Sharon Gilmour-Glover


Nicole Pereira GroYourBiz Cambridge Chair

Nicole Pereira


Sherri Munro GroYourBiz Toronto Chair

Sherri Munro
(On Leave)

Toronto 3

Susi Graf GroYourBiz Chair Vaughan

Susi Graf


Vania Sakelaris GroYourBiz Toronto Markham Richmond Hill

Vania Sakelaris

Markham/Richmond Hill, Toronto 3


Maryann Nelson

Seattle, WA

United Kingdom

Emma-Jane Taylor, GroYourBix co-chair London, UK

Emma-Jane Taylor

London, UK

Susan Kabani GroYourBiz Ugenie

Susan Kabani

London, UK

Support Staff

Alicia McLeod GroYourBiz Executive Assistant

Alicia McLeod

Executive Assistant

Sharl Cline GroYourBiz Executive of Memberships

Sharl Cline

Executive, Memberships

Janice Hodak GroYourBiz Arrow Bookkeping

Janice Hodak


Brendan Carr Infinus Tech GroYourBiz IT

Brendan Carr

IT & Web Admin

Braighton Polack, Infinus Technology

Braighton Polack

Software Advisor

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Are you Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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Are you Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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