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Become a GYB Chair

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Become a Chair of MyBusinessMyBoard

GroYourBizTM takes great pride in finding the “perfect” Chair to lead MyBusinessMyBoard™ Advisory Groups.  Only the best role models and leaders that share our vision of wealth creation for all, collaboration and integrity are chosen to represent GroYourBiz to our members and stakeholders.

As the founder and President  of GroYourBiz, I  am honored that you have expressed an interest in joining my “Dream Team” and ask you to provide information to help us learn about you and how you will add value to our organization.

Here are the guidelines we use to select independent contractors as GroYourBiz Chairs.


Ideal Characteristics:

  1. Committed to working with small or medium sized businesses.
  2. Must have demonstrated skills as an effective leader.  This could include:  leading groups and /or managing meetings in either a profit or not-for-profit environment; owning a business; past experience as a CEO, Manager, and/or Executive.
  3. Must be a “known” business person with credibility and recognition and have a network of membership candidates, strategic alliances and resources in the community.
  4. Chair should be actively recruiting for members on the Board and achieved having a minimum of 12 paid members at end of first year, with the goal of reaching 16 in year two.
  5. Has demonstrated effective marketing qualities and is a “go-getter”.
  6. Be willing to represent GroYourBiz positively in the community whenever possible.
  7. Has passion for helping others to reach their dreams and goals.
  8. Works closely with Sponsor Reps (ie. BMO, TELUS, etc.) on the Board to outline expectations and opportunities for the Board.
  9. Schedule quarterly meeting with Sponsor Reps on the Board to discuss upcoming priorities and/or topics of interest by the members.

Selection Process:

      1. Fill in the application below along with answering the following questions:
      2. A GroYourBiz advisory board member and/or a Managing Director will be asked to participate in an interview before the selection process is complete.

Tell us about your personal and company experience, and your involvement with SMEs, especially women-owned businesses.

What benefits do you hope to gain from being a Chair for GroYourBiz?

What do you believe you can contribute to running an Advisory Group?

What would you define as your level of expertise?

How comfortable would you be in actively marketing GroYourBiz?

What would be your marketing strategy in recruiting members?

What associations/networking groups do you currently belong to?

Why would this position be important to you?

How many business hours per week are you able to commit to GroYourBiz?

Please submit your Resume, Bio and/or CV with three references from previous leadership experiences.

Contact Information

Barbara Mowat, President and Founder, GroYourBiz Ltd.

2625A Alliance Street, Abbotsford, BC  V2S 3J9

Tel: 604-534-5007/ 1-800-672-0103/ Fax: 604-533-2918