Boost Your Business Story with an Advisory Board

October 13th, 2022|

In today’s episode, Marg Hachey, Managing Director, Ontario and Eastern Canada, shares with us a few of the secrets that helped her build her blockbuster business PLUS why advisory boards play such a key role in business growth including these top 10 takeaways.....

How To Get Connected, Stay Connected and Gro Connected in 10 Steps!

September 9th, 2022|

Building connections is one of the most important ways to help ensure your professional success. Learning how to create and maintain your network can help you find new business opportunities, improve your skills, or attract new clients. Having a solid network of peers, by leveraging the knowledge and experience of new connections, helps women become better leaders, make better decisions, increase profitability, and achieve better results through monthly problem-solving meetings, expert speaker workshops, a coast-to-coast and global network of peers and a professional facilitator......

Doom and Gloom or Voices of HOPE? Tim Shriver’s Reminder to “UNITE: Voices of Hope and Awakening” A MUST WATCH excerpt from EXCELerate2021.

August 28th, 2021|

Have we had enough of “doom and gloom”? As the deadline looms for the USA, Canada and other Nato countries leaving Afghanistan to “What Next and Fear of the Unknown”; to a COVID surge; and ongoing political divisions…the list goes on, I wanted to hibernate and not get up until things changed. But then I started watching Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Paralympics, and saw some of the spectacular feats of the athletes! Amazing and so heartening.....

All You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

August 27th, 2021|

Although marketing trends are always changing, barely anyone was able to anticipate the drastic changes 2020 would bring. Brands were driven to revamp marketing structures and were compelled to strengthen their online presence. Overall, the competition increased as everyone turned their attention to social media. Indeed, Pew Research Center statistics show that over 72% of adults in the US were avid users of some form of social media last year. Though Facebook still reigns, expect Instagram and TikTok to overtake the platform in terms of user number and engagement.

Politics and Tragedy! Support Afghan Women

August 16th, 2021|

Waking up in Canada today and hearing our Federal election being called during a Pandemic; more Haitian lives were claimed in a major earthquake, and the Taliban takes over KABUL! We made many steps going forward but then, unfortunately, many steps have now gone backward. I had so many great memories of our company being one of the first UNDP projects working in Afghanistan, leading the Afghan Women’s Business Exhibition & Conference in June 2003 (the war had ended just 3 months earlier). The great women who came with me (Anu Agarwal, Faye Beck, Emma Quin, and Jennifer MacMillan) were filled with hope in bringing our global trade program to the Afghan women (and their families). But yes, we had anxiety too – were Afghan women ready for the changes in product & business development? At our finale, our anxiety was over when hundreds of women came from every province in the country, and then a beautiful Afghan woman came up to the stage, taking the microphone and said, “With this hand, I will rock the cradle, and with this hand, I will rock the world. Thank you for bringing our garden back to us.” Why am I sharing this now? Thanks to Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Seneca Women...



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