Have you ever wondered what having your own Advisory Board could do for your business?

To support the growth of WBOs and all genders, self-employed Professionals and Sr. Managers during these post-COVID and unpredictable times, GroYourBiz is offering a 1hour Free Trial for a “Virtual Advisory Board” facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur.

A Taste of a GroYourBiz Advisory Board is an opportunity to share your current business challenge with like-minded women/business leaders to leverage opportunities and grow regionally or globally. No matter where you live, there are specific things you could do to keep your business strategically growing.

Imagine having your own professionally facilitated Peer Business Advisory Board offering:

  • Practical information & solutions to current business challenges
  • Expert advice and valuable tips from experienced Trusted Global Advisors & presenters
  • B2B cross-marketing to link potential new clients and markets

You will experience how the collective wisdom of a group helps you consider practical solutions, challenges your current “blocks”, and provides insight.  Since the meetings are online, members can attend from wherever they are in the world!

Let us help you decide if a Virtual Advisory Board is right for you.