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You can’t buy happiness.  But you can support someone’s dreams, and that’s kind of the same thing….

In December 2016, GroYourBiz and Red Letter Films launched an alliance to help women entrepreneurs develop professionally and expand their businesses. Thanks to our first GroYourBiz inaugural sponsors, we were proud to support nine women entrepreneurs to achieve their potential.

We know when women grow their business…good things happen! This initiative is going into its 5th year, and now we are asking for your support to assist more women who are ready to GROW.

The GroYourBiz Fellowship, valued at $1,500.00 provides a one-year membership to a GroYourBiz Advisory Board anywhere our boards currently exist, including VIRTUAL and GLOBAL Boards. Emerging women entrepreneurs who wish to be considered for a GroYourBiz Fellowship can apply here.

GroYourBiz Fellowship Winners will be selected based on who best meets the membership requirements as assessed by judges drawn from the business community and GroYourBiz Trusted Advisors.

*GroYourBiz Fellowships are a division of GroYourBiz Institute for Global Connections an NFP Association in British Columbia, Canada.

GroYourBiz Fellowship Member Requirements:

  1. Women business owners will be interviewed by the Advisory Board Chair on their readiness to commit to grow their business and must have been in business for at least one year or have proven business/personal expertise.
  2. Women business owners will be bound by the ground rules of confidentiality, commitment to attend meetings, as well as open communication at the meetings once they are selected for the Advisory Board.
  3. All members within each Advisory Board must be in non-competitive businesses to contribute to the diversity of experience and knowledge and the confidential and trusting environment of the Advisory Board.
  4. Members who want to continue with being on a GroYourBiz Advisory Board must commit to a one-year term of membership and payment of dues after one year of membership.

Conditions for receiving this special value-priced membership seat:

  1. The Chair has conducted an interview with you to ensure you understand the standard obligations of being a member and to share your growth plan with the Chair.
  2. To ensure there is no competitive business in the Advisory Board assigned to you.
  3. To attend the full year of meetings with full participation. If you miss more than two meetings with no extenuating circumstances, you will forfeit your seat and it will be re-assigned.

To apply online for a GroYourBiz Fellowship, click HERE!

GroYourBiz Fellowship Tasneem Virani
GroYourBiz Fellowship Marla Kott and Marg Hachey
GroYourBiz Fellowship Sponsors Barbara Mowat, Eva Sun, Sylvie Peltier, Annar Mangalji, Brittany Manulak, Patra De Silva
GroYourBiz Fellowship Barbara Mowat Kimberly Irwin

GroYourBiz Fellowship Sponsorship

Would you like to join this SPACE and be recognized as an organization who wants to foster the growth of women business owners and entrepreneurs? A GroYourBiz Fellowship includes sponsoring a women entrepreneur for A One-Year Membership ($1500 value).

To apply online to become a GroYourBiz Fellowship Sponsor, click HERE!

These awards would not have been possible without the support of our GroYourBiz Past & Present Fellowship Sponsors.

  • Chinook Helicopters
  • Concept Plumbing and Gas
  • 141696 Canada Inc.
  • Impact Communications Ltd.
  • Laura Reinholz
  • McCurdy Financial Services
  • NHV Natural Pet Products
  • Red Letter Films
  • The Rice People (aka Libra National Inc.)
  • Treemont Care Ltd.
  • Trumps Food Interests Ltd
  • The Petticrew Group
  • Schwarz Law Partners LLP

Past & Present Fellowship Recipients

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Are you Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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