Kimberly Snider

Waterloo, Ontario

Chair | Leadership EXCELerator



Kimberly is an entrepreneur, certified Leadership Coach and Strategic Professional Human Resources Consultant in Waterloo, Ontario who works with Leaders locally, in person as well as virtually across Canada.Kimberly Snider

People say: “Kimberly advocates for your success. She is “the People’s Champion” committed to excellence, not just something good. She creates a beautiful partnership in Coaching, listening deeply and working through barriers to help clients uncover what they truly want and how they can grow and create amazing accomplishments in this world.  As an HR Consultant and dynamic team builder. She instinctively develops diverse teams and is talented in working with and drawing upon the individual strengths of a team to work together productively. She has worked closely as a trusted, strategic thought partner with ambitious, focused, driven Senior Executives and Leaders over the course of her career (across the entire Ontario province, including Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener/Waterloo, South Western Ontario) through change management, talent strategies, employee relations, difficult conversations as well as people and culture engagement.”