Monika Becker

Founder & Owner, Clear Directions Coaching
Chair | Vancouver, BC

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Monika started her professional career as a trained Engineer in Horticulture with 12 years in Sales & Marketing in large German, Italian, and Canadian tree nurseries, which granted her a lot of valuable work experience in her field, in different cultures and languages (Monika is fluent in German and English and speaks some French and Italian). After moving to Canada in 2002, she ended her career in horticulture in 2003 because she felt the need to change direction.

Her career in tourism began in early 2004 in the Sales Center of Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours in Vancouver. After 3 years as an Internet Vacation Consultant, Monika was promoted to a Team Lead, Sales Center. In this role, she flourished as a trainer, coach, resource, and co-leader of their Sales Center team of 25, and discovered her love for the coaching profession.

Due to corporate restructuring in the fall of 2008, Monika was laid off and chose to take coach training and go through a Self-Employment Program, which led her to start her own business Clear Directions Coaching in the fall of 2009. Ever since, she has worked as a solopreneur in her business and has always had corporate engagements in a variety of roles to support herself. Her latest contract positions are back with Rocky Mountaineer as an IT Quality Assurance Analyst and as Training & Development Specialist with Cerberus Consulting, both located in Vancouver.

From a young age, Monika has been eager to help and support others in solving their problems and finding pragmatic solutions to their challenges. As a Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Dalian Method Facilitator at Clear Directions Coaching, Monika now gets to keep practicing her early passion and express her purpose which is “to live and promote a life of acceptance, ease, and joy”, both personally and professionally.

Rooted in her purpose, Monika’s current focus is to shape company cultures and make the work (and life) experience of people in the corporate world more meaningful, enjoyable, and ultimately, happier, which will positively affect engagement, productivity, and fulfillment.

Monika applies a holistic, “Bring Your Whole Self to Work & Life” perspective to her work and life because she is a firm believer that we can’t live full and satisfying lives if we ignore parts of who we are. Learning to be authentic, candid, and open in their expression will ultimately help her clients to be more peaceful, accepting of themselves and others, and at ease at work and in their lives in general. For clients who are ready to do deep internal work – and strengthen their connection to their true Selves from the inside out – Monika facilitates Self-Healing Dalian Method sessions. She became a Facilitator of this revolutionary self-healing system in May 2019.

There lies a great promise of ease and joy in bringing our whole selves to work and life, and Monika sees it as her calling to model and promote a ‘Whole Self Life’ in her corporate and private coaching and training interactions, and her work as a Dalian Method facilitator