Teresa Guillén Zulueta

Founder Mujer Exportadora (Export Woman), Spain

Teresa Guillen Zulueta GroYourBizTeresa’s 23 years of professional experience include exporting industrial and consumer goods, services and food products to more than fifty countries covering all five continents. She has extensive practical experience with the systems and tools of International Trade Intelligence and International Trade promotion, both from the institutional point of view as well as providing specific assistance to the SME. Among her publications, Teresa has written Export Guides about several topics such as distribution channels, export barriers, etc. Moreover, her latest publication “Export Woman: International Negotiation” focuses on her own experiences and the difficulties she has faced by cause of being a woman and the lack of information about the topic of “Woman and International Trade”. For this reason, she launched Export Woman Services, a unique programme for Women Organizations and entrepreneurs to help address the challenges and gender issues in International Trade.