Teri Cavanagh

Former CEO, Global Banking Alliance for Women

Teri Cavanagh GroYourBiz Executive Trusted AdvisorTeri Cavanagh has a deep understanding of what it takes for women to be successful. She grew up in Seneca Falls, New York,  where women organized the first Convention for Women’s Rights in 1848,   For the past 15 years she has been at the forefront advocating for women’s economic empowerment with various positions in senior management within financial institutions.  From 2010-2012 Teri was the CEO for the Global Banking Alliance for Women.   Currently, she participates in forums to empower women, and is a proud member of the WE CAN Board of Directors. In her position as SVP and Director of the Women’s Financial Connection at Fleet Bank, Ms. Cavanagh built The Connection from its inception, and launched a $2 Billion business initiative over 7-year period to assist women with capital,  resources and information to grow their businesses. She has led as the CEO of The Global Banking Alliance for Women, an international consortium of financial institutions who aspire to be the bank of choice for women in their country or region. From 2005 -2009 she worked as an international consultant with banks in developing countries creating successful models for women in business.