Bharti Singh Chauhan, CarversIndia Trades LLP
Rajasthan, India

Phone: +919829281408
Cell: +919982076666

CarversIndia Trades LLP A social enterprise based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Our goal is to create environmental and social change through coming up with Innovative Products made by Marginalized women which are environment Friendly.
1. MeraPad Washable Cloth Pads Made of Bamboo Charcoal - We produce and sell innovative washable cloth pads made of bamboo charcoal (certified by PETA VEGAN and passed anti-bacterial testing by TUV Rhineland), which is Human Friendly, Environment Friendly, Budget Friendly and Provides Sustainable Livelihood to Women involved in Making and Selling of Pads.
2. Titlam - The Goodwill Store - We Produce and sell Environment Friendly Handcrafted Products which are made of Industrial Waste turning out to Diaries, Beautiful Embroidered Photo Frames, Katputlis Pencils and Key Rings, Hand bags etc.