Dina Abdel Majeed, 360Moms
Amman, Jordan

Phone: 00962799111530
Cell: 00962799111530
E-mail: dina@360moms.net
Website: https://www.360moms.net

360Moms’s mission is changing the way mothers are supported digitally on a global level! It is an online platform and mobile application that connects mothers around the world with certified experts, getting their questions answered on health challenges and child behavioral issues. They provide low-cost health consultations and a discount program to make medical services, such as hospital care and medical center services affordable to anyone. In addition to providing free articles and courses in Arabic and English. The company reaches over 500,000 monthly mothers get answers to their everyday health challenges, helping them support their children's health and wellbeing wherever they are.

Future approach is about integrating machine learning into our mobile app, so we can personalize the experience for each mothers, and to add a chat bit to give them instant answers to their urgent health questions and challenges.