Erica LeBrun-Gauvin / Olivia Eting, Mme L'Ovary
Montreal, Quebec,

Olivia Elting and Érica Lebrun are the two passionate humans behind Madame L’Ovary. Their number one mission is to take action on behalf of the planet and humanity, for a healthier future. Every year, 45 billion sanitary napkins/tampons are thrown into landfills and oceans.

Elting and Lebrun have dedicated themselves to creating a new durable, reusable sanitary protection
option, an innovation that is playing hardball with the tampon and disposable napkin “empire”: menstrual undies designed to hold removable, reusable pads (equivalent to three pairs of classic menstrual undies).

Today, there are more than 25,000 L’Ovary fans, which means 6 million fewer single‐use products are used each year. The product itself backs a strong mission. The L’Ovary team offers daily education to help menstruating people overcome the prejudices and misconceptions conveyed by advertising for
“traditional” menstrual products.