Heather Carter, Digital Punch
West Vancouver, British Columbia

Heather Carter Digital Punch Vancouver

Heather Carter is a digital strategist and entrepreneur with a passion and skill for creating connections between people, brands & markets, data & insights and objectives & results. She understands big business and start-ups having had one of her own companies successfully acquired.

As the Founder & Owner of Digital Punch, a consultative digital marketing company, Heather and team build market connections through data insights & creativity. Strategic, process driven and results oriented, Digital Punch helps clients meet specific, measurable marketing objectives. From strategic planning to execution and anything – or everything – in between, Digital Punch helps brands connect with customers in a meaningful way. Building traffic, engaging visitors and achieving high conversion rates are common and critical goals – ones that Digital Punch helps clients achieve thanks to their unique blend of analytical, research-driven thinking and intuitive, right-brain creativity.