Holly Barkwell, BH Group Inc.
Port Perry, Ontario

Holly Barkwell GroYourBiz

Holly is the president and CEO of BH Group Inc. a business advisory organization specializing in technology and communications. Two and a half decades in the 9-1-1 emergency communications sector provide a wealth of global communications project experience. We solve complex communications issues with cost effective long-term solutions. BH Group Inc. provides services to 9-1-1 emergency communication centres, commercial call centres, network and operations monitoring centres, and small to medium business enterprises. We help with technology requirements and specifications, network bandwidth planning, communication centre configuration, technology procurement, and vendor evaluations. We also provide cyber security planning and network penetration testing services. Whether you need a technology assessment to support a new strategic plan, a new telecommunication strategy, or an IP phone system and don’t know where to start, BH Group Inc’s experience and track record of proven success can help.