Kathy Barthel, Take on the World
Toronto, Ontario

Kathy Barthel is a brand presence and video strategist and coach; and virtual speaker.

She helps entrepreneurs and business leaders define their unique brand presence and present it in a compelling way on video. That means being confidently yourself on camera; connecting in a genuine way with your viewer; and delivering meaningful content to them.

Kathy also simplifies lighting, sound, and background principles so it’s easy for you to look professional while using the intimacy of video to build long-lasting business relationships. And, she always makes it fun!

Kathy is a former TV host, TV producer, journalist, and interviewer with over 25 years of experience creating content for major Canadian media including CTV, CBC, YTV, MSN, HGTV, TV GUIDE and Slice.

Get in touch:
Book a complimentary call at: https://calendly.com/kathybarthel/15min
Visit her website at: https://www.takeontheworld.ca/