Kathy Barthel, Take on the World
Toronto, Ontario

Kathy Barthel helps entrepreneurs create an irresistible brand presence in words and on video.

To be irresistible is to own what makes you distinct, and to communicate it confidently and consistently, online, offline, and on video. In your own voice. In your own words. To the client who is a match.

Kathy is a former journalist, TV host, and TV producer with over 25 years of experience creating content for major Canadian media including CTV, CBC, MSN, HGTV, Slice, and YTV. Her brand messaging and video training and coaching incorporates media-inspired elements such as improv, interviews, and roleplay to help you define who you really are and then broadcast it so that you’re seen and heard as YOU. Everywhere.

Once you're irresistible, you're a magnet for the clients you want to reach.