Olufunto Boroffice, Chanja Datti Ltd
Abuja, Nigeria

Chanja Datti is a waste collection and recycling social enterprise that is focused on Northern Nigeria where religious extremism and terrorism and gender inequality is rife. they strategically solves this problem by providing a platform that transforms waste to wealth, while also empowering the unemployed women, at-risk youths and waste pickers of the region. At Chanja Datti collected waste includes plastic (PET bottles, film, nylons etc.) and other recyclables and transforms them into pellets, flakes or bales, which are then supplied to off-takers for use in the manufacture of various products. This is done alongside with environmental sustainability and relevant SDGs enlightenment campaigns across communities, educational and religious institutions. Chanja Datti has been in existence for 6+ years and has been directly responsible for diverting over 5,000,000kg of recyclable waste from landfills in the Abuja metropolis and by creating 250 green jobs. They have also established our Cash4Trash initiative to provide additional sources of livelihood for 500+ women in 7 underserved communities in the Abuja metropolis, and supported over 1,000 Waste Pickers with pro-poor inclusion services and distribution of PPE. They contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #4, #8 and #12.