Priyanka Srinivas, The Live Green Co
Framingham, Massachusetts

Phone: 6282529705
Cell: 6282529705

Priyanka’s entrepreneurial journey began when she co-founded The Live Green Co after the arrival of her little niece, Naina, in 2018. Having to study the nutrition labels more carefully than ever, Priyanka realized a “huge gap in
the food system” - the absence of clean-label, additive-free foods in the market - and she was determined to make a change.

This led to the creation of the Live Green Co and CharakaTM - a technology that blends ancestral wisdom of plant nutrition with modern tech to find natural plant-based alternatives to processed and animal-based products. Priyanka based her company in Chile due to the abundant entrepreneurial resources and has since been revolutionizing the movement toward a cleaner food industry and establishing itself as a dominant force in the plant-only food market.