Code of Conduct

GroYourBiz Member Confidentiality Agreement

Due to the sensitive nature of information discussed in the GroYourBiz Advisory Board meetings, and to protect the privacy, both personal and professional, of all in attendance, I, the undersigned, agree not to divulge any non-public information learned during GroYourBiz meetings to any third party and to treat said information with discretion and respect. Member Code of Conduct Pledge

GroYourBiz is committed to ethical practices. Each of our members sets an example for her peers by her pursuit of business achievement with honesty and integrity. These values are vital to the professional standing of GroYourBiz Advisory Board meetings and its members. To that end, we have adopted the following Code of Conduct Pledge, to inspire ethical behavior on behalf of all members:

To conduct my business and business relationships with honesty and integrity; to avoid deceptive business practices; and to obey laws and public policies governing my business.(Required)
I understand and accept that executing this Code of Conduct Pledge is a condition of membership in GroYourBiz Advisory Board Groups and renewal of membership, and my failure to comport with this Pledge may result in the denial of a membership application or membership renewal application to GroYourBiz or revocation or suspension of my GroYourBiz membership.(Required)
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