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Remember it is NOT the time to “give up” but to STEP UP and continue to pivot and GroYourBiz! 

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March 22, 2022


As seen on TEDxStanleyPark – The Power of Zero Tolerance &
TEDxBearCreekPark – How to Increase Your Units of Happiness 

5 Habits And Strategies To Dramatically Improve Focus, Organization And Productivity At The Office Or Virtually. Imagine a bunch of creative people, dealing with thousands of computer files, assets, fonts, and deadlines. We operated in both MAC & PC platforms and had on average 65 projects at once.

Need I say more? It was a total nightmare until we locked ourselves in our small boardroom for an entire week to create systems and best practices that would forever revolutionize how we work.

Go from frustrating chaos to well-oiled machine and from overwhelmed to clear, organized and happy!

What You Will Learn:
  • Learn the four key principles that differentiate uber-productive and successful people from everyone else.
  • Discover the five high-performance habits designed to improve focused productivity and efficiency.
  • Learn easy to implement yet life-changing strategies to help decrease overwhelmed and increase Peace of Mind
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Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

Remember it is NOT the time to “give up” but to STEP UP and continue to pivot and GroYourBiz! 

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