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September 21, 2023
4:00 — 5:00 pm PDT (7:00 — 8:00pm EDT)

Employee Engagement

Presenter: Debbie Pearmain

OneStop HR

Debbie has worked with CEOs and leadership teams for over 25 years at more than 250 companies. She has been facilitating organizational and leadership transformation projects with Accenture, Global Knowledge, One Stop HR and Morneau Shepell. Debbie is an excellent facilitator, coach and strategic thinker. She helps clients view problems as opportunities for growth and change and creates breakthrough strategies that help people and organizations achieve their full potential.

Debbie has spent her career consulting and coaching clients at the personal, team, leader and organizational level. Her background in Social Work and Human Resource Management has given her a deep understanding of human behavior and makes her a culture expert. Her extensive training in Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence assists clients in reaching new levels of engagement and performance.

Employee engagement is critical for any businesses success. Engagement rates have been slowly decreasing over the last few years and this is having an impact on loyalty and retention, profitability, work quality, safety, quality and innovation. More and more organizations are investing their time and resources into creating workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent. Surprisingly still many company’s are not measuring employee engagement levels annually or doing much to address that changing needs of today’s workforce.

What You Will Learn:
  • Current Engagement facts
  • Engagement drivers in challenging times
  • How to prioritize key engagement drivers
  • How HR/ managers can support this
  • Develop an action plan
Debbie Pearmain

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