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Join us for a Webinar Series that was motivated by our shared vision to continue to inspire and empower each other.

Our community of women entrepreneurs and exemplary speakers have collaborated to provide practical tips and leadership advice to stay healthy and resilient.  Is it time to examine new opportunities that might emerge in your life and business? Are you paying attention with curiosity, creativity, and optimism? Looking forward to you joining us for our next Webinar!

November 16, 2023
9:00 — 10:00 am PST (12:00 — 1:00pm EST)

Reinvent Your Business: Strategies for Expansion

Presenter: Irina Mihaela

Irina Mihaela BSc, PEng., known as the Entrepreneur Enlightener, helps CEO founders elevate their purpose, peace, and overall profit so they can keep growing their companies while maintaining their well-being.

Since establishing Entrepreneur Enlightenment Inc in 2011, she has helped business owners worldwide through consulting, coaching, retreats and masterminding.

After going from being severely abused as a child, last in class, to finishing University and giving the Valedictorian speech to building a successful career in Nuclear Engineering in two countries, she discovered that she was doing it all wrong with an exhausting fight-to-survive mindset.

Experiencing some profound spiritual epiphanies and undergoing strategic intervention coach training, she devised an easier way to achieve success where logic and intuition work together in making critical decisions, where other people have no power over, and one can be at peace even in the most difficult situations.

She’s the author of Entrepreneur Enlightenment – A Guide to Establish Your Purpose-Driven Business and is now writing a sequel about Energizing Your Business through Peaceful Relationships.

Irina is an award-winning leader 2003 President’s Award of Excellence. Once she took it over, she grew her nuclear engineering department business by 600% to $7M in 2 years, then grew her team by 228%, and 60% of them obtained promotions during her 5-year tenure.

She hosted her Entrepreneur Enlightenment show on RogersTV and radio on She was the opening act of a theatre production, HER Stories, performing her piece From Abuse to Purpose.

Her Irinuca Child Innocence project, helps young adults who suffered adverse childhood experiences recover their dignity, self-worth and faith in their future.

What You Will Learn:
  • Why you need to reinvent and 3 steps to do it
  • Reinvent yourself first to lead your business further
  • Know your next business stage and the criteria for success
  • Examine the 7 areas of business, identify what needs to change

Your Takeaways:

  • When to reinvent your business and what is required
  • How to define criteria for success and close the gap
  • What needs to change in your business for expansion
Irina Mihaela

Remember it is NOT the time to “give up” but to STEP UP and continue to pivot and GroYourBiz! 

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