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January 31st, 2023 – 4:00pm—5:00pm PST or (7:00pm—8:00pm EST)

How to Be The First, The Best, or The Only

As seen on TEDxStanleyPark – The Power of Zero Tolerance &
TEDxBearCreekPark – How to Increase Your Units of Happiness 

To become and remain undisruptable.
Positioning is to a business what a heartbeat is to life. Without relevant brand positioning, growth will be a long, costly and energy draining road. Learn how to position yourself as a brand that customers and top talent want and love.

Position Your Brand To Be The First, The Best or The Only is a smart and motivating way to learn the key fundamentals needed to get crystal clear about what your brand stands for, what problems you solve, and most importantly, what makes your brand undisruptable.

One of the most inspirational branding, marketing and customer experience keynote speakers, Isabelle is a ‘no-nonsense’ dynamo, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs and thought leaders to build businesses and brands designed to make life better. As one of North America’s Top Business Influencers, bestselling author, two-time TEDx speaker with over 3 Million views, and TV show host, Isabelle brings over 25 years of branding, marketing and customer experience expertise. She has helped thousands of business owners and thought leaders, as well as some influential and iconic brands like A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC Investments just to name a few.

Isabelle teaches how to grow businesses and brands that are designed to thrive in any economy by becoming and remaining The First, The Best or The Only.

What You Will Learn:
  • A deeper understanding of what brand positioning truly is and how differentiation is key to creating an undisruptable business and influential culture.
  • 3 vital Brand Positioning Fundamentals to empower your ideal customers to choose YOU over anyone else; regardless of price.
  • A way to differentiate yourself, boost your client loyalty and talent retention, as well as a few valuable resources to help you take immediate action.
Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

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