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Track 1: “Know Who You Are Hiring with Social Media Checks & Avoid the 3 Most Common People Management Mistakes”

Job candidates LIE!   You need to know the REAL candidate. Know what to look for to ensure you are hiring who you think you are hiring.   The first pre-employment screening company in Canada, with over 45 years in business is pleased to share useful tips on finding the right job candidate


Track 2: “Master The Moment: Communicate with Diplomacy, Impact and Confidence”

Within our global community, diversity can increase creativity and productivity, yet it can also increase misunderstandings, conflict and stress. Know how to navigate through that with the impactful awareness of specific communication strategies that will instantly reduce conflict and stress. There has never been a great leader who wasn’t a great communicator especially during crisis, rapid growth and change. When the pressure is high and the moment is brief, what you do and say in that defining moment matters. Fact, all of us are difficult under stress. While stressed we may be temporarily compromised from our ability to think as effectively. Just like a

legal document is null and void if signed under stress or duress…this session is about how to tap into your intelligence to master the moment. Feel confident in communicating through stressful situations. Know how to create the calm and respectful environment you need and how to keep it that way. Understand the impact and game changer of Verbal, Vocal, and Visual in communication.