Looking to reach & get exposure with Women Led Businesses on a local and national scale?

Sponsor a Webinar and your company is in the spotlight with over 50,000 decision makers!


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Webinar Spotlight Opportunities

Webinar Sponsors – $1,500.00 each

For 2022, we are showcasing a series of expert speakers and have opportunities for corporate sponsors to reach women led businesses at the local, national and international level. Our membership is growing to include more businesses from rural communities.


  • Social Media posts & Email campaign including Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Constant Contact — a minimum of 8 times per webinar. Reach is 50,000+ people for each post.
  • Introduce the speaker/Welcome remarks
  • Company logo with hyper link on all webinar promotional materials
  • Your contact info forwarded to all participants in the webinar
  • Reliable Leads provides your organization with a potential customer
  • Logo & Contact information on sponsorship section of the GroYourBiz website

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GroYourBiz also provides members with strategic alliances: WBE Canada — a unique network that certifies women business enterprises as diverse suppliers and offers access to corporate supply chains and the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) comprised of a network of 2500 international trade professionals located in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

“BMO is proud to be a founding and developing partner with GroYourBiz. Research tells us that women entrepreneurs value mentorship and networking opportunities to help them grow and scale their business.  At BMO we are committed to removing barriers to women’s financial progress and this means providing access, tools and resources to support women who are driving change and advancing their communities. BMO’s partnership with GroYourBiz allows us to align our support for women business-owners with an organization that creates an ecosystem for female entrepreneurs to access a board of trusted advisors and, most importantly, to the mentoring and networking they value.”

Moriah Linton, Director, BMO for Women

“TELUS has been a strategic alliance and sponsor supporting GroYourBiz since its inception. We recognize the importance of advocating for, and having a supplier and customer base that’s reflective of the communities in which we live, work and serve. We believe passionately in working with female leaders and providing these entrepreneurs with tools, and support, and encouragement they need to adapt and/or grow their business in line with their personal aspirations in a meaningful way.”  At TELUS, we are committed to promoting and celebrating diversity and, as a lifelong advocate for diversity, I love to see, and play a role in helping women entrepreneurs succeed.”

Ashifa Jumani, Director, Procurement, , TELUS

“GroYourBiz provides you with access to a group of incredible women who can be there when you need a sounding board and gain insights from those who have already walked the road before you.  An opportunity you cannot afford to miss!”

Joanne Gassman, Retired BMO Executive, Director for Streetohome, WorkWithUs, Int. Women’s Forum –BC , Advisory Board of UNBC, Member of the CDN Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

Who Attends the Webinars

The range of attendees are leaders and decision makers from Canada, USA, UK, Africa, Australia, Japan, EU, SE Asia, and include: Business Owners, General Managers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Chairman, Sr. Program Managers, Sales, and prominent other high positions.

We host expert speakers throughout the year in the 2022 Webinar series.  Speakers will tackle issues such as:

  • Managing Performance,
  • Franchising your Business,
  • Organizational Strategies,
  • Marketing,
  • Diversity and Inclusion,
  • and much more.

Click here to see the lineup of speakers

“GroYourBiz helps keep me on track with business planning and execution of said plan. The advice, direction & support of the board is bar none, and we are finally seeing results in our bottom line.”

“My GroYourBiz colleagues’ feedback has been instrumental in validating new ideas, pivoting the business, and more importantly, establishing a network of trusted advisors.”

“I have met some amazing women and developed many strong friendships and relationships with fellow female entrepreneurs in GroYourBiz! The feeling of kinship and camaraderie in this often challenging, frustrating and lonely world of entrepreneurship has been a Godsend. If you are looking for a safe place to share your highs and lows with a group of women who really understand, you have come to the right place!”

Every time I attend my Board Meeting, I take away solutions for my business I can implement asap, accountability, connections to services or other resources, learning, contributing to someone else’s business and a sense of not doing this alone. This is the value of fitting GroYourBiz into my life. I don’t think any “business babe” group out there has this. I don’t think I can do this better alone.” 4)