What decision can you make TODAY that could forever change the trajection of your business TOMORROW? The answer is… increase your Relationship Marketing Opportunities by attend this Business Connector Event.

You could be 1 connection away from the next success in your business!

Whether it’s meeting your next client, connecting a referral, or receiving that one kick start piece of advice that skyrockets your motivation to make your next big move in your business, this is the networking event you must attend.

How often are you getting in front of fellow business owners who:

  •       Have Complimentary needs
  •       Have Common Interests
  •       Negotiating, Cooperating, Coordinating and Collaborating with you
  •       Enjoy establishing win-win partnerships!

Join us for the Chat Roulette style event and meet someone new every 5 minutes.  What your business is tomorrow, may well be determined by whom you meet (Virtually of course!)

Cost: Free, Attend one, or attend them all!

Remember it is NOT the time to “give up” but to STEP UP and continue to pivot and GroYourBiz! 

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