Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, CEO of DeeBee’s SpecialTea Foods, is more than just your average mom. As a medical scientist with a PhD from the University of Toronto, she spent years studying how the environment and the food we consume impact our health and wellness. After a casual conversation between Dionne and her two sons. Realizing that grocery stores did not provide many nutritional choices for treats, Dionne and her husband, Dr. Stephen Baker, MD, began experimenting with organic fruit and various flavours. Their research and experimentation led them to produce the world’s first organic tea and fruit frozen novelty — the DeeBee’s Organic TeaPops!

Dionne shares her business experiences and advice in this casual and frank Skype discussion with Chala Dincoy, CEO of Coachtactics.

Catch Dionne’s sessions at the EXCELerate 2015 conference in Vancouver:

  • “Making Foreign Less Foreign”  as a panelist discussing her “First-Hand Experience” Thursday October 1st at 11:00 am
  • “Balancing Environment & The Economy: Caring About OUR Planet” Friday Morning, October 2nd

For more details, please visit: www.excelerate-conference.com