How Different Types of Content Require Different Approaches to Localization

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In our first 2 blogs we introduced you to the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of localization and internationalization. We gave you various reasons to implement it in your marketing and communication strategy as well as some practical tips. This last blog of our localization series is the ‘How’ of localization and explains the basic types and approaches that are available.

What is Localization and Why You Need It to GroYourBiz

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Have you ever experienced that slight panicky feeling when traveling? For example, trying to decipher the menu in that off-the-beaten-path diner in Thailand? Or staring blankly at a Greek police officer who is trying to give you directions, but you have no clue what he or she is saying? This panicky feeling is only logical, because everyone wants to understand what they are eating, buying, renting, signing or being told.