Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Have we had enough of “doom and gloom”? As the deadline looms for the USA, Canada and other Nato countries leaving Afghanistan to “What Next and Fear of the Unknown”; to a COVID surge; and ongoing political divisions…the list goes on, I wanted to hibernate and not get up until things changed. But then I started watching Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Paralympics, and saw some of the spectacular feats of the athletes!  Amazing and so heartening.

Then, I listened to Dr. Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Board Chair & CEO, UNITE. While the Paralympics are different, both bring a more unified world through the joy of sport.  Which now brings me to @GroYourBiz and why this is an important time to share our fantastic keynote speaker from EXCELerate2021.  This is a message of “uniting and coming together” from Presidents, Cardinals, celebrities, Oprah, Jewel, Common, Julia Roberts, and ordinary people…the list of hundreds sharing their voices of hope and love.  Once you hear Tim’s own voice interviewed by our wonderful MC, Pamela Martin, and sharing “gems of comfort” with our delegates, you will be uplifted in spirit. So sorry if you were not virtually with us, but it is never too late to share MY gift to you. Listen and enjoy the interview.  It is long but worth it.  I encourage you to BUY the book!  You will read the book thousands of times over and over again, and as Tim states…then you will start reading the stories once more.

Stay tuned for soon-to-be-released: Replays from all the EXCELerate 2021 sessions.

With Gratitude,
Barbara and the team at GroYourBiz