Paddy Briggs, Paddy Briggs Consulting & Training
Parksville, British Columbia

Paddy Briggs

For over 20 years, Paddy Briggs has been a Practice Management Consultant & Trainer specializing in working with dentists and their teams. She combined her business acumen with her knowledge of systems and protocols and her customer service philosophy to create and refine practical, effective strategies that assist dentists in growing their business and delivering the highest level of patient care. Her approach has always been one of collaboration and thoughtful coaching and training.

As a Jack Canfield graduate “Certified Transformational Coach and Success Principles Trainer” Paddy sees the opportunity to enhance her passion to work with women who are either in transition in their career / business or their personal life. This new division within her company will be working with women who want to take charge of their life, empowering them to “be live their best life.”