Dear GroYourBiz Community, Sponsors, Colleagues and Friends,

We are very excited to share the NEW EXCELerate 2021 Global Virtual SUMMIT SERIES replacing our greatly anticipated conference that was postponed last May due to COVID.  Register your interest now to ensure you are one of the first to hear about the full speaker line-up, relevant topics and issues being addressed, along with our VALUE savings for the GYB community. Updates will be provided on a regular basis.

EXCELerate 2021 is dedicated to the full spectrum of women entrepreneurs and professionals from all sectors and sizes and will continue to INNOVATE, INSPIRE and INFLUENCE thought leaders to focus on new ways of thinking beyond the norm and beyond COVID—growing a business with compassion, courage, confidence and collaboration.

Our Summit Series will offer a practical approach on HOW TO transform your business within the context of challenging leaders/entrepreneurs in all fields to make a difference in communities both domestically and globally. Now more than ever it is apparent that we will all look at new business models for growth as well as innovative and new ways of thinking through technology.

Our Sessions will be more relevant now than ever before with topics such as:
  • “Empathetic Leadership: How to Lead with Both Strength and Compassion”
  • “Humanizing Healthcare: The cost to businesses and WBOs.”
  • “Champions of Change: Women Leaders Who Made and Make a Difference”
  • “Making Foreign Less Foreign”
  • “Sustainable Solutions: Doing little things in a Big Way—It’s Up to Us!”
  • “Money and Morals: “Ringing the Alarm on Harmful Tech”
  • And Much, Much More!

We look forward to you joining us commencing February 2021.

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