Your personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower. Now, for the first time, you can measure exactly how your personality adds unique value.  Introducing the First Science-Based Personality Brand Measurement – How to Fascinate®. This test doesn’t measure how you see the world… but how the world sees you.

The Fascination Advantage® measures the highest and best use of your personality brand. This is the first science-based assessment for your personality brand. It doesn’t use psychology but rather the principles of branding and marketing.

Finka Jerkovic, Fascinate Certified Advisor Program Director, will deliver a presentation at the conference on October 2, 2015 exploring the results of your Fascination Advantage®.  In this high-energy, interactive and engaging presentation you will learn how to:

  • Apply your Fascination Advantage® in your business to influence others and communicate at your best.
  • Leverage your Advantages by standing out through your differences.
  • Learn about your `warnings` and how you could be turning people off.
  • Describe your value in 2-3 words confidently by creating an Anthem; also known as your personality tagline.

The key objective is for you to walk away feeling more confident in who you already are and what you`re already doing right, so you can:

  • Make stronger first impressions
  • Build more powerful relationships
  • Leverage your Advantages to have more influence and impact

We`re excited to offer all EXCELearte delegates complimentary access to the Fascinate Advantage Express Assessment.

Register for Finka’s “How to Fascinate®” Session HERE and Receive Your Free Fascinate Advantage Express Assessment!

Come join Finka and prepare to learn more about your Fascinate Advantage and how to bring more of who you already are into your business on October 2nd 2015 at 10:30 – 12:00 in the Nootka Room. Complete your Fascinate Advantage Express Assessment prior to attending presentation.

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To learn more about the How to Fascinate® system click here.