“This Entrepreneur marries her love of pets and her passion for business.”

Patra deSilva, CEO, NHV Natural Pet Products

Q: Who is an ideal business role model you admire? What are the qualities you admire most about him/her?

A: There are many business people that come to  mind.  Oprah Winfrey for her accomplishments in her media empire and how she touches so many people’s lives.  Warren Buffet because he is an inspiration leader, Dale Carnegie for his philanthropical work. But most of all I admire all the amazing business women I have met through organizations such as GYB and other networks.   These women are my hero’s.  Their stories are an inspiration because they have pursued a dream and never given up in accomplishing what they set out to do.

Q: What is 1 golden nugget or diamond gem you can share right now to significantly inspire or ignite brilliance in someone’s business or personal life?

A: When you start out in business a new idea is in fact like a diamond in the rough;  visualize what can be achieved and always keep that picture in your mind and work towards it.  I would also say – don’t dwell on what went wrong, learn from the mistake and move on and always, most importantly, celebrate your wins.

Q: What habit or behavior have you pursued/implemented for at least a year that has most improved your business?

A: For me I find that I perform best if I move about every few hours.   Just moving and taking a break from what you are doing helps improve your performance.  I have my little dog – her name is Chaya and she comes to work with me and we walk to work everyday rain or shine. I find just being outdoors before and after work so refreshing.  She also makes sure that we go out for regular short walks during the day; which is so fantastic as it clears the mind and energizes the body.

Q: What are you most grateful for?  

A: What am I most grateful for? That’s such a deep question.  I have a lot to be grateful for – that I live in a country that is peaceful, for a partner that lets me pursue my dreams and encourages me, for all my wonderful family and friends that share and celebrate life’s moments, for my adorable pets for their unconditional love and all the joy they bring.