For the lighter side of being in self-isolation, I’m going to respond to Diana Bishop’s most recent blog, “Get Out Your Pearls!” Diana is a GroYourBiz Global member, and started living in Paris until recently.  She even met the Queen, and was Canada’s first foreign journalist.

As many of you, I’m sure you are hearing about “virtual cocktail parties” to “virtual weddings” as well as “virtual business meetings” in order to stay connected with, colleagues, friends and family.  I’m also hearing stories about “which pajamas are you wearing? Day or Night ones?”  or “I just ironed my nightgown for the first time in 30 or more years!”

Well Diana, congratulations on making me feel extra special today.  I decided to get up earlier, put on make-up, and wear my pearls!  What a difference it made.

My first pearl was a ring bought in Thailand in the 1990s with CIDA colleagues Adair Heuchan and Nancy Spence.  Then in Vietnam I was with Ann Marie Almeida, who was the President of the Association of Women’s Business Centre at the time.  She was so involved with negotiating and making sure that what she was buying were “real” and not faux.  I didn’t care but I bought the grey ones instead and real pearl earrings.  My white pearls came years later given to me by my daughter when she was working in Shanghai. I actually don’t know if they are real or not and I don’t care—they mean more to me than anything. They are beautiful.  Most of all I feel totally different dressed with make-up and wearing pearls! Thanks Diana.  We all need a “lift up”during these times.

Keep up your stories!  Best, Barbara

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Ladies get out your pearls — and here’s an incentive —

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