It was an absolute pleasure meeting Barbara and the forward-thinking business owners at “A Taste of GroYourBiz” on February 6th.

This eve was an informational session of GroYourBiz at the Burnaby board, an initiative developed for women entrepreneurs that want to take their business to the next level.

And WOW was it informative…and empowering to have so much energy, talent and support in one room!

In this quick video clip, you’ll hear Angela Heit, Chair for Burnaby, BC, expand on the GroYourBiz benefits such as the networking opportunities you’ll have as a member.

She also talked about their practice of bringing in knowledgeable speakers when members are having a common issue.

A Taste of GroYourBiz Burnaby BC

Three Little Words with Big Meaning

First, we heard about Barbara’s own journey to become an entrepreneur. She started out as a teacher, and grew her business over the years. She spoke about the three things that business owners struggle with: “sell,” “retain” and “acquire.”

Simply put, that means you can:

  1. Find new customers.
  2. Sell more to existing customers.
  3. Acquire new businesses.

That’s where having your very own board of advisors can be truly invaluable. 

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in: financial planning, healthcare, marketing, construction…we’ve got members and experts from such a wide and wonderful range of industries.

If you can spend three hours a month ON your business, not IN it, you’ll benefit greatly from the guidance and shared wisdom the group brings to the table.

Once a month, you’ll join in for those three hours to discuss the business challenges you face. You’ll set goals, be accountable to the board and get advice from peers who have been exactly where you are.

Whether there’s confusion around pricing products or hiring amidst a skills shortage, your advisory board will source the right thought leaders to focus on what’s going to help you succeed.

If you want to take the next step in your business and need advice, support and guidance, find out more about GroYourBiz advisory boards.

Local Business Is Global Business

It’s all about local solutions for global impact. 

No matter the size of your business or where you’re located, you can participate and make a difference. GroYourBiz has many international examples of successful women around the world who are championing change, including one of the speakers at the upcoming EXCELerate 2020 Event.

Frida Owinga is the Founder of PassionProfit in Nairobi, Kenya. Frida is a leader in building thriving businesses to reduce poverty and create employment and economic growth. Learn more.

Wherever you are in the world, you can become a member. If there isn’t a GYB location near you, you have the option of joining a Virtual Board. Here’s what one of the virtual members, Carol Buford of Advantage Print, had to say:

“Living and running a business in a remote community provides many challenges and being a member of a virtual board gives me access to other business owners across Canada.”

Based in Prince Rupert, Carol said the connection with other female business owners was instrumental. “Getting support, knowledge and advice from other business people is something that I don’t get access to living in a remote community.”

“A Taste of GroYourBiz” was such an inspirational and informative event. I’m so excited to see what’s next!

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