From Immigrant to Entrepreneur: How Zuly Matallana Launched a Revolutionary Business

Zuly Otalora-Matallana is a member of GroYourBiz Vaughan, and this is her journey to Entrepreneurship!

By 2017, Zuly Matallana accomplished a lifetime’s worth of achievements. Before even starting her first business, Zuly demonstrated the qualities that would eventually define her as an entrepreneur: strong, driven, energetic, caring and passionate.

Zuly began her career in Colombia, working as a community director for a social organization. It was here she discovered the joy of helping others, and decided no matter where her career took her, she’d always find a way to improve the lives of others.

When Zuly’s community work in Colombia began to put her life in danger, she made the decision to move to Canada in 2004. As she began to establish a life in Canada, she drew on her experiences as a new immigrant, and wrote an e-book to answer the common questions that many new immigrants have :

After settling in to a new country, Zuly established a flourishing career developing business for software, banking and consulting companies. It’s her unique vision that’s inspired her to create her own path and become the founder of two companies. Her first company Mavicol offers high quality raw materials that represent savings to Fortune 500 construction companies.

Then, she had a vision and became inspired. Zuly found a problem and decided to solve it for all women like her, who live on the go, and care about their hair, their skin and the planet.

She recognized the need for a product that helps women solve common pain points in their busy lives, and create sustainability in a space that’s traditionally been dominated by single-use plastics. Her strong sense of responsibility for the planet meant that no matter what she created, it had to make the world a cleaner, healthier place. (Zuly is always the first to point out, “There is no planet B!”)

A Stroke of Genius: The Creation of TIARA Shower Cap

Zuly created a revolutionary shower cap that disrupted the industry. TIARA Shower Cap keeps women’s hair dry and frizz-free between washes, and is made with recycled, waterproof plastic fabrics. She made an elastic-free band to eliminate the annoying creases typical shower caps leave, and created a dual-purpose design that could also be used during hair masks treatments. It’s that ability to see problems and find solutions that has set Zuly apart as a visionary in her field, and it she brought her genius idea to life in just 10 months!

Zuly has taken on the spirit of entrepreneurship and finds unique ways to promote her product. For her first step, she appeared on Dragon’s Den, where she dedicated her pitch to Canadian immigrants on similar paths. She successfully pitched her product and impressed the Dragons closing a deal. The TIARA shower cap has been a part of the Good Morning America Deals and Steals, Zuly was also invited to speak on The View to share her experiences as a small business owner during COVID-19. She continues to take each opportunity to share her innovative and sustainable business philosophy, and continues to expand her company into international markets while supporting her local community.

Her vision and drive inspire her to find solutions, without sacrificing the most meaningful facets of her companies: Top quality products, sustainability and strong ethics. She’s a firm believer that actions conquer fear.

The Secret to Zuly’s Success

Zuly has been recognized internationally for her innovation and achievements. Most recently, the Mayor of Vaughan applauded Zuly for her willingness to inspire the next generation of leaders and embracing female empowerment in the workplace.

She also uses her experience to mentor and inspire other female entrepreneurs. (In as little as one conversation, Zuly’s enthusiastic spirit and mentorship will uplift you and motivate you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.)

Zuly always draws on her passions to overcome obstacles, and believes it’s that fire within her that makes all of her accomplishments possible. In life and in business, Zuly really believes in the power of intent and is certain the universe will help us achieve our goals.

A Message from Zuly Matallana:

Zuly Matallana

It is been an amazing Journey! Today I want to thank each and everyone who believed in me. I find that when people trust you, they somehow empower your vision and path to do your best. I invite you to give immigrants an opportunity. Don’t ask them about their Canadian Experience. Allow them to show how they can help your organization. Thank you to my mentors and to my supporters you are truly inspiring change and growth. Let’s inspire those around us!